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To this point my blog has been primarily a place to record my travels and musings. However I want to begin to share more about what I love, things that captivate me, things that I would spend all day doing, things that stir up emotions and maybe even that break my heart. My interests are a little extravagant at times but at the bottom of them, I'm looking to spend this one precious lifetime that I have being brave, happy, healthy, and in the process give others permission, inspiration and the tools to do the same in theirs.

I'm a mixed media artist. Yes, I said it. I AM AN ARTIST. Art has been an important part of my life since I can remember but in the last 5 years or so I have found so much healing and strength in it. Its always been something I have done for me. Only in the last year has anyone really seen anything I've created and with a little bit of encouragement from those people, I have come to understand that my creativity is not only God's gift to me, but that He gave it to me to share with others. As a gift to them as well. My story is not glamorous, or book worthy. I make no pretenses that I have been through more than anyone else in this journey of life. But I have learned to not let my story define who I am or prevent me from being who I want to me. I have learned many things about myself in the process of art. I am learning to LOVE myself and LOVE others, and to see their potential in ways that maybe they don't even see it. My goal is to inspire others to break out of their own traps or obstacles to find freedom in who they were created to be.

I have dreams! Some of my dreams include finding my own style in my art and opening my heart to what it will bring. I dream of owning my own creative business that will allow me to work full time for myself and have freedom to be creative and inspire others. I dream of getting my masters and license in Art Therapy so that I can work with men, women, teens and children through art, to break through the barriers that stand in their way of a healthy, happy life. I dream of one day knowing enough and being successful enough to do some public speaking and share at seminars or training. I dream of being able to travel wherever and whenever I want. I dream of a husband and family and so much JOY that I don't know what to do with it all but to give it away.

Guess what? I'm finally working on my dreams! I'm taking small steps to expand myself. To put myself out there. This blog is one of those steps. I never thought I had anything to say that people would want to read on a blog. I know now that I'm not the only one out there in this big world that is excited about life and the opportunities it holds, but has been fearful of failing for a very long time. I'm just putting one foot in front of the other. I'm learning a ton and soaking up everything I can. Last Spring I took Flora Bowley's "Brave Intuitive You" e-course found here: This was a wonderful opportunity for me and really taught me to loosen up and free myself from the little thoughts that told me my art had to "look like something" or be perfect. I still struggle with it sometimes and get blocked and spend too much time away from my tiny stolen studio space, but I am more at home with my paints being all over the place and loving how beauty comes out of the mess.

Here are some of my works that came during and after the class!
This one now resides at my Momma's house :) I gave it to her in May and everyone thought it should be hung a different direction. Nearly every time I would walk into the living room it would be hanging a different direction as someone would sneak by and switch it. Who knew it could be so interactive??? 

This one is still in the works. I love the dynamics of it but am stuck about the direction it wants to go. I'm peacefully giving it its own time to grow and decide what it wants to be when it grows up! 

This one was the largest piece I had done up to that point. I finished this in July 2012 and it was actually my first commissioned piece (of sorts) A dear friend a co-worker of mine reimbursed me for the supplies and asked me to paint this for our teen girls home that we both work in at the residential children's home I work at. We had just finished painting God's promises to the orphan above the doorways of the house to remind them that they will never be left alone. We wanted this to serve as a reminder to the young girls that they are treasured and sought out by a very loving God and that their identity is the child of a King!

Whats your story? What is your dream?

I'm also currently busy, busy, busy taking Kelly Rae Roberts' e-course, "Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks to Help Your Creative Biz Sour!" This is actually the last session she will be offering so now is the time to start your journey too!

Have a blessed day!



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