For the Birds...

Have you ever just sat and watched birds and wondered at their intelligence? What do they know? Can you imagine the views they have seen? They have such natural stamina to fly as hard and strong as they do, yet they do it with SO MUCH JOY! My e-class (that I can't stop talking about) with Kelly Rae has given me a taste of that feeling that I'm sure any of you also enrolled in the class can relate to. There is so much ahead to look forward to and I can only imagine the views I will see and the perspective I will have on all this a couple of years down the road as my business truly is starting to soar. Right now it seems a bunch of to-do lists and obstacles... but I'm starting to feel the wind in my hair and the breeze smells like the fresh rain has just swept over it! Can't you feel it?
Love Birds -  all photos © kathrinepatterson

I wanted to share these photos I took of our feathered friends at an outdoor market over the summer. How does their color inspire you? If you have some words, art, or thoughts that you would like to share please leave us a note! Blessings dearies!



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