Junk Finds and Simple Serenity

I just wanted to share a couple things from my run tonight...too good to keep to myself. First off I snapped a  few Instagram pics while on my run tonight. Did I mention I live in Texas? I don't always enjoy it but sometimes the views can be so beautiful!
I also found some fabulous junk I'm about to turn into art and feature the process on the blog in future posts so stay tuned! The desk has these amazing drawers in it that I want to use as the backdrop for some mixed media assemblage pieces I've been wanting to do. The metal things I have yet to figure out what they are but they have SO much potential! I know most of you creatives and Pinterest lovers understand :) #upcycleyourheartout

Much Love,


  1. Hi Katherine,
    Just found your blog via the Kelly rae Roberts flying lessons. I like what I have read so far. I look forward to reading more. Nice to 'meet' you.
    Jo (Soul House)

  2. Hi Jo! I jumped on over to see your blog and I Love your work and how you seem to integrate your children into your creative life. Thanks so much for the comments and I'm adding your blog to my read list as well. Best of luck in your flying lessons!

    kathrine patterson


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