Authenticity and Focus

Should be easy right? Yea... its not. I want to do more of what I love so I began to start taking steps to make it happen. I signed up for a couple classes online to learn the ways of the blogging and internet marketing world, how to take advantage of social media to promote business and very specific ways to turn my art hobby into a productive, creative business.

One of these classes is called Blogging Your Way Boot Camp by Holly Becker of Decor8. This class so far has been incredibly detailed and informative, from very simple things such as building a great "About" page (yes, I still need to update mine now that I have the scoop of how to make it great!) to much more technical aspects of blogging and being successful at it. Two very important things that she has talked about so far is about being authentic and focused.

Authentic I can do, despite my many flaws. I'm ok with letting them show because I can guarantee there are many of you that could relate. One of the things I'm finding out is that there are so many like-minded people out there and they are willing to encourage and support my dreams and goals, even though they seem odd or irrational to my current circle of friends.

Focus is harder for me! In sitting down and writing out my list of topics that I could blog on, then narrowing it down to topics that are nearest to my heart, at first it was overwhelming and I could see quickly how lack of focus could trip up my chances of being successful. However what I began to do was categorize them into categories, then pick what I felt most strongly about. What I came up with was #1 Art&Design, #2 Life/Sharing my Creative Journey, and #3 Inspiration. So with all the best intentions to focus, you may occasionally see a short rabbit trail here and there, but the #1 reason I'm blogging is because I want to fully dive into and share my journey of starting my creative biz, while sharing my art and inspirations along the way. #2 I want to encourage others to be just as brave and dive into their journeys as well. Oh dear, I hope that makes sense to you as well! The important thing is that its much more focused than when I started and it is truest to my heart whispers.

Much love,


  1. Hi there! Looking forward to following your creative business journey and watching you soar. :)

  2. Hi Kathrine, I'm also in the BYW course and had the same problem with focus. I'm interested in so many things but found out there is always a story around the interesting things. I wish you good luck for your creative biz, this sounds so good!
    Best wishes, Manuela


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