My Artistic Crush...


A few years back I discovered an artist by the name of Anahata Katkin whose art and life I positively go childish for. I have such high level of respect for her body of work, her story, her business and the way its developed, what she has shared about her personal life.... ALL of it. 

I found her piece titled "Fearless" on the cover of the July/August 2010 Somerset Studio magazine (Publication of Stampington & Co) and have continued to follow her since. This woman INSPIRES me to create, to paint, to travel, to basically live life to the fullest. Here is a photo from her blog of one of her latest paintings that I'm also drooling over. 

Please visit her sites I've linked above, buy her products (I could break the bank buying up her artwork and products with her art!) and tell her about how her art speaks to you! I know you'll love her!

Who inspires you? Share about them and any links in the comments!

much love,


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