The superhero in me

The beauty of age..... photo (c) kathrinepatterson

I'm gradually learning to ignore the doubts. Do you remember being a child and KNOWING that you could conquer the world? I'm not even talking about feeling like the world revolves around us... but the deep belief that we can literally accomplish anything. That superhero complex that allows us to learn and explore our world without fear or other's opinions getting in the way of our new journey.

I'm doing my best to tap into that childhood belief. To reconnect with my internal belief that if you work hard enough and your heart is in it 100%, that you can exceed even your own expectations. I have always been artistic and loved photography and old things, seeing the potential in things rather than simply seeing their scars and dings.

Perhaps some of you creatives can understand my viewpoint here... In my tight circle of friends and family I don't know anyone who really blogs or does creative stuff for a living. Especially anyone who sells things online or creates an online business or anything of the sort. Most of me is scared. However, the more and more I read other's blogs and find new artists to drool over and read their stories, I find that they were feeling the same isolation and discomfort. my heart is laid open. My soul is exposed and the most vulnerable places inside of me have a huge red target marked on them.

But that superhero inside of me knows that this is possible. That if others have accomplished this monumental and life altering task than I can do the same and be supremely happy with it. I want to make it possible to do what I love anytime, all the time. I want it to allow me to invest in people and show others that their dreams are possible too.

So here's to your inner superhero. Give her a voice. Give her a chance.


  1. Gorgeous photo and hooray for our inner superhero!
    I love being a creative, too!

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

    1. Mary Thanks so much for the lovely best wishes! I'm so excited about the class and I already checked out your blog as well. I love your spirit and how well "you" are represented through your posts. Best of luck! kp


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