Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'

Oh Dearheart, Lets go on an adventure!  photo © kathrinepatterson
The momentum that is carrying my life right now is unbelievable! There are so many goals I'm working towards simultaneously that its a wonder I haven't lost it yet. So many good things to look forward to and I'm praying that my new found burst of bravery will carry me further than I could imagine. I'm so energized by everything that I am learning. I feel more OPEN than I really ever had. Being closed off is so much more safe and no one notices when you fall down. Have you ever felt this way? I feel like I'm caught up in this world of I CAN and I AM and I WILL and I WILL BE HAPPY. Its a powerful place to be and quite intimidating, yet the sense of wonder that goes along with it is like a dream I don't want to wake up from. The doorway (like the wardrobe of Narnia) of possibility has opened and I have caught not only a glimpse of what could be but also the smell and the sounds and the tastes of it! 


  1. Yes, I sure do feel like that Katherine! So many options, so many avenues to travel! what project to work on first? Seems like I am courageous one minute, then the doubts start sneaking around the corner the next. You're right, being closed off is 'safe' but can be awful. I am opening up but it does bring a sense of vulnerability. I get it! I am praying too! :) - Sue

  2. Don't listen to the doubt monsters! They eat your creativity! lol no seriously though, I've learned that I am my worst enemy when it comes to critique. I believe all artists are. Some artist have allowed it to make them insane sooooo.... don't listen. Give yourself room to create from your heart and get out of your head. Think of it like this... our brains have so much information from so many other sources and perspectives. Everyone else's opinions are in our heads. HOWEVER... our hearts are 100% ours. Our goals, our dreams, our desires! The same goes for our creative biz dreams. Everyone's road is different. Go with what you heart whispers to you. Some people call it conscience, some people call it intuition, I call it God's guidance in the direction he wants to bless me in. After all, didn't he give me the ability to create in the first place? Keep your heart open :)



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